Print and Fill Up the Form and Mail it to the Fil-Am Center with your Applicable Membership Dues.We encourage the Lifetime Membership  to our Membership Committee to keep a correct list of current members.

Do you have photos/videos of our events and would like to share?

Please share your photographs and videos to our community.  Send them to and tell us something about it.
You can also share your views, news, and stories with us and we will post them on our Member's Bulletin Board.
Make it a habit to stop by and visit our website or make FAAPVI website your main homepage.


We currently have 264 members of which 212 are Lifetime members as of  4/1/2017  

$ 50.00 per person
$ 75.00 per couple 
$100.00 per family 

$ 5.00 for our seniors (65 and older)
$10.00 per person
$15.00 per couple
$20.00 per family 

The yearly dues are due in November of each year.  
If you desire to vote in February, the dues need to be received before 12/31.

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